The founder of HestiaLiving Everyday, Lisa Domenico Brooke, grew up in a home where setting a beautiful table was one of the pleasures and rituals of daily life. 

From her family, Lisa inherited a strong sense of design, a passion for quality, an appreciation of fine art and craftsmanship and an adventurous spirit that has taken her across the globe in search of unique and beautiful places, experiences and things. HestiaLiving’s collaboration with Ateliers Lison de Caunes in Paris, with its renown history of exquisite handmade marquetry and design, exemplifies Lisa’s respect for traditional craftsmanship and her commitment to make things of quality, refinement, creativity and beauty accessible to a larger market.

HestiaLiving Everyday’s tablemats, trays and coasters, with their stunning patterns and brilliant color palettes, are works of art for the table. Like its founder, HestiaLiving Everyday celebrates the importance of home, the joy of fine entertaining and the way we live today.

Ateliers Lison de Caunes, Paris

Ateliers Lison de Caunes & HestiaLiving Everyday – inspiration begets collaboration

The art of exquisite, handmade straw marquetry is still practiced today by the award-winning Parisian artisan Lison de Caunes, whose craft was passed down to her by her acclaimed grandfather, André Groult. The tremendous skill and patience required to harvest, dye and dry the straw, and then flatten and layer it to create intricate shapes and compelling, bespoke patterns, is just one reason why these objects are so highly prized and why their beauty is so remarkable. 

HestiaLiving Everyday draws inspiration from our collaboration with Ateliers Lison de Caunes. Using modern digital technology coupled with our proprietary sustainable production techniques, we have succeeded in reproducing Ateliers Lison de Caunes’ bespoke designs so that they can be admired and enjoyed by people everywhere.

Ateliers Lison de Caunes is the exclusive agent of HestiaLiving Everyday in France, and with its rich history and commitment to excellence, it remains an enduring beacon of fine craftsmanship, creativity and the joys of a well-dressed table.