Serve and display with elegance and style.

HestiaLiving’s Trays aren’t just beautiful – they are functional works of art! Available in a variety of serving and decorative sizes, and a stunning range of patterns and colors, our trays are perfect for serving large parties, adding beauty and sophistication to your buffet, playing a starring role at backyard get-togethers and bringing the holiday magic home. 

HestiaLiving Everyday’s smaller Bijoux and Valet Trays add depth and beauty to your bedside table and your dressing room or mantle, and are perfect for displaying precious heirlooms or fine jewelry. You can mix and match colors, patterns and sizes to elevate any setting, surface or occasion. Buy them in luscious, bold or seasonal color-themed sets, pair them with our matching or contrasting placemats and coasters, gift them to your favorite family and friends, and enjoy them, every day!