Affordable LUXURY for your TABLE and HOME

Hestia: Goddess of the Hearth, Protector of the Home, Spirit of the Family and Nourisher of the Community. Home, hearth, family and connection – these are values that have stood the test of time. They are the inspiration behind HestiaLiving Everyday, a purveyor of European-inspired fine tablemats, elegant decorative and serving trays and bespoke coasters that elevate any dining experience and bring versatility, beauty and artistry to your home. Each tablemat, coaster and tray represents the melding of traditional craft, inspired design and sustainable production to create affordable luxury that brings joy to every occasion.

Whether you seek to set an elegant table inspired by classic French motifs, enjoy the sophistication and glamour of deco patterns for your cocktail parties, or prefer to add playful, energetic pops of color to your alfresco dining, HestiaLiving Everyday’s dazzling range of patterns, colors and shapes allows you to create the table and tableau of your dreams. For the art of dining, entertaining, gifting and enjoying – choose HestiaLiving Everyday.


We Are Committed to Quality and Sustainability

HestiaLiving Everyday’s Tablemats, Placemats and Coasters are handcrafted in England using state-of-the-art digital reproductions of Ateliers Lison de Caunes marquetry designs.

We use a proprietary protective coating over sustainably sourced PEFC-certified eucalyptus board, then finish our products with a non-slip black baize backing for a seamless edge. HestiaLiving’s Tablemats, Placemats and Coasters have slightly rounded corners for maximum quality and durability, and are heat-resistant up to 320 degrees Fahrenheit.

HestiaLiving Everyday’s stunning acrylic Trays and Coasters are produced by France’s leading manufacturer of fine acrylic tableware, and are designed with the highest-quality materials.  They are polished and finished by hand to produce a beautiful surface that retains its color and lustre and adds style and elegance to any setting.


A Kaleidoscope of Color

At HestiaLiving Everyday, color is our love language. That’s why we have 26 amazing colors to choose from, with palettes that range from sophisticated, to fun, to sublime. From shimmering metallics, to jewel-toned pinks and corals, to serene blues and lilacs, to opulent crimsons and greens, HestiaLiving has a color for every occasion, any event and every mood. You can deck your halls with holiday reds and golds, go tropical with our breezy blues and cool greens, celebrate summer with luscious shades of pink, lilac and coral, and level up your entertaining with our luminous silvers, platinums and bronzes. 

Color enhances everything – so indulge in mixing, matching and making everything on your table and in your home more beautiful, more fun and more colorful with HestiaLiving Everyday.

  • Alfresco Inspiration

    Kick off your summer entertaining with floral notes of pink and lilac with our Infini and Soleil Tablemats. The verdant greens and soft blues of our Epoch placemats and trays are the perfect background for summer fruits and flowers. Take the fun outdoors and picnic with the leafy viridescence and lush golds of Tropique or the energetic pops of sky blue, chartreuse and fuchsia from Jouer. Or go for subtle romance and a hint of adventure and set the porch table with beguiling Arabesque. Its star-lit background and rich mahogany hue make every meal unforgettable.

What Makes for Iconic Design? 

At HestiaLiving Everyday, we know the best designs have stood the test of time and bring joy across the generations. Our collaboration with Ateliers Lison de Caunes in Paris, with its decades-long tradition of fine marquetry design and exceptional artistry, is why HestiaLiving’s Tablemats, Trays and Coasters are so prized. 

We understand the provenance, value and importance of traditional iconic designs like our Deco, Treillage, Infini and Complet lines, and we pay homage to architectural history and aesthetics with our richly detailed Arabesque, Marqueterie, Tropique and Geometrique patterns. At HestiaLiving, our design story is all about transcending the ages, as we perfect and embrace the technology that has enabled us to transform handmade, old-world marquetry craftsmanship into something fresh and modern to be enjoyed by people everywhere with our Prestige, Soleil, Jouer and Epoch collections. 

We believe in the power of good design and in the enduring pleasures and possibilities of a beautifully set table and a well-appointed home. At HestiaLiving, good design is for everyone, every day!

For more inspiration and to view the collections, download our HestiaLiving lookbook here.